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About Us

Jubilee House was set up as a registered Scottish charity in 2015. Our managing director Fiona was the victim of severe domestic abuse and knows only too well how powerless the victim can be. She wanted to be able to give women in that situation the ability to restore a bit of their own power which they can then start to build on and regain their lives.

Every year police Scotland recieve over 60000 reports of domestic abuse. That figure stays roughly the same year after year. At least one in three women can expect to be in an abusive relationship at sometime in their life. 82% of cases are male on female abuse. While there are services in place to address the immediate safety of women, once they

have left the perpetrator, these services fall away. There is very little aftercare available. This leaves the victim devastated and does not know where to go or where to find help. That is where Jubilee House comes in.

Since 2015, we have grown into a full time charity with 3 main focuses.

Our first focus is on recovery from domestic abuse. We offer practical advice and recovery classes.

Our next main focus is teaching the skills that promote abuse free lives. We have courses and workshops that are available to all women in the community. 

Our final main focus is on mental health and wellbeing and as this is such a major part in the recovery process and also essential to a balanced lifestyle, we offer a range of activities including yoga and wellness.


"As a child, I heard in my home doctors and ambulance men say, 'Mrs Stewart, you must have done something to provoke him, Mrs Stewart, it takes two to make an argument.' Wrong! WRONG! My mother did nothing to provoke that, and even if she had, violence is never ever a choice that a man should make. Ever!"

Patrick Stewart

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