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Say Women

Supporting Homeless Sexually Abused Young Women
We have a Say Women Tenancy Sustainment for Survivors project worker who works out of Jubilee House. If you feel you or anyone you know needs this service, please contact us or Say Women directly.
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Who are Say Women?

Say Women is a charity organisation that works with young women (16-25 years old) to help them reclaim their lives from sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault and other forms of men's violence against women and girls. They aim to prevent the repeat cycles of abuse and homelessness that young women experience.

What do they do?

When you meet with a TS4S project worker, they will introduce the service to you and discuss your needs and circumstances. The support is tailored to you and focuses on emotional and psychoeducational support, establishing safety, building your resilience (including coping strategies and resources) while helping you to understand the impact of abuse and trauma on your daily life. TS4S works in partnership with local services and together they aim to pull together the wrap around support you need to assist you with maintaining your tenency in the long term.


Jubilee House

Say Women

0141 552 5803

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