Jubilee House

Who We Are

Jubilee House is a registered Scottish charity which was set up to help women and children who are living with or recovering from domestic abuse.

A large property in Paisley was donated to the charity which we are renovating room by room. This includes lovely, large, airy rooms and a large, fully enclosed garden. This is our recovery hub.



“I don’t know why this happened to me and I’m scared of getting into another relationship in case it happens again”.


The charity is rapidly growing into a vibrant hub which serves the community of Paisley and Renfrewshire.

Our focus is on empowering families to live fulfilled lives free from abuse.

Many women feel isolated after they have left their abuser and all the support has gone. They struggle to make sense of what has happened to them and this can stop them from forming new relationships as they are terrified of it happening again.

We aim to explain that this can happen to anyone. It’s absolutely not the fault of the victim. Coercion is a gradual process which can have devastating results. If the victims learns what happened, why it happened and how to spot very early warning signs, they will be able to remove themselves from the situation well before they are in too deep. This knowledge will empower the individual to confidently enter a new, healthy and loving relationship.


“I don’t know how to look after money, I need someone to do this for me”.


We see many victims of financial abuse who have never been allowed to control their own finances. This leaves the individual unable to live an independent life, and they will quickly find another relationship believing it’s their only option.

We are setting up a financial course which will teach each person the basics of budgeting, how the banks can help victims of domestic abuse, and much more. This will give the individual the confidence to live a successful life free of abuse.


We run various groups and services.

Our groups are a fantastic way for people to join others with similar experiences. We try to tailor our groups to subjects that will interest, inform and empower our participants.

We have a garden group which we will be aiming to transform our garden into a wonderful place for us all to meet, relax and recover. This area will include tranquil meeting areas, a sensory garden, an area where we can enjoy the sun when it shines.


We are always on the lookout for more ideas for groups and listen carefully to our service users and the wider community.











Each year Scottish police receive an average of 60,000 reports of domestic abuse

Each victim will have endured an average of 35 incidents before finally reporting it

Domestic abuse costs Scotland £2.3 billion each year

Each day approximately 30 women in the UK attempt suicide as a result of experiencing domestic abuse

Each week 3 women in the UK take their own life to escape domestic abuse

During lockdown, the national domestic abuse helpline saw a 30% increase in requests for help

What We Do

We are aware that there are many people in our own community who are living with the effects of domestic abuse, and we want to become a busy, vibrant hub which will help relieve this problem in more and more ways.


Our premises

Our building was donated to the charity a few years ago. Since then we have been working hard to renovate each room in turn. There is still much to do, and huge potential as we begin to use more and more of the building to help our service users.


The large garden is fully enclosed and although it was a bit overgrown, we knew that like the building, it had massive potential.


We Are Part of the COOP

Local Community Fund

Co Op.jpg

We were so excited to be chosen as one of the beneficiaries of this fund. We are all about community and this is right up our street. We are looking forward to getting involved with our local Co-op services and building lots of connections as we reach out to help more and more.

You can help by choosing Jubilee House as your local cause when you shop with Co-op. Lots more information is available through our Co-op page.

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