Recovery Hub


This course changes lives, it allows victims to find freedom from their
experiences and it has a record of over 90% of participants not only never going
back to their perpetrators, but they never enter into another abuse relationship
because they can spot the very early warning signs and get out before they are


The programme was devised by an incredible lady called Pat Craven. She saw a
pattern of behaviour in perpetrators through her work with prisoners and
decided to take what she learned and turn it into a programme that has
completely changed the face of domestic abuse. I don’t think we’ve ever met

anyone so strong, caring, and brave. She is truly our idol.
If you would like to be on the programme, please email us at

We are excited to start rolling out many varied projects and become a vibrant hub
of recovery serving the community of Paisley and Renfrewshire.

There are many victims of domestic abuse in our community who have never come

to terms with what has happened to them.

Unfortunately, many people find they can’t talk about it and can feel very isolated,

believing that nobody cares.

Domestic abuse can have long term effects and can prevent sufferers from forming
new relationships. This leads to isolation, and this can have a huge effect on mental


We are concentrating on helping women and children recover from their
experiences of domestic abuse, and we will be rolling out groups and programmes
which will aid recovery, teach new skills and emotional and physical wellbeing.
While we are living with Covid19 restrictions, we will be doing all this online.
We plan to start providing a new in-depth financial group. This will be run in
partnership with the Nat West Bank, and CAP (Christians against Poverty).
It will teach everything you need to know about controlling your finances while
you are in an abusive relationship, it will teach you how to set up your finances
after abuse and will help you find your way through dealing with debts you may be
left with. It will start in small groups but can provide one to one help when needed.
This group helps to empower women to live a secure, abuse free life.

As we begin to emerge from lockdown, we are very aware that there is a very great
need for those who have been isolated to be with others who understand what they

have been through and can provide help.

We intend to start a garden group for ladies who enjoy working in the outdoors.
It is also perfect for getting involved with as restrictions ease and we are allowed to

meet outside.

We plan to start the group before the end of lockdown, and this will begin online in

our Zoom room.

We will look at the projects and start to plan what we want to do with the garden. We will send out packs for our ladies to start putting their ideas down on paper. This will provide companionship with others who have been through similar experiences, and it will improve the mental wellbeing of those who take part.

We plan to start delivering courses of the Freedom Programme.
This is a powerful teaching tool which blows the roof off domestic abuse,

exposing it for what it is.

It teaches about the name calling, designed to belittle the victim, it teaches
about the bullying designed to manipulate the victim through fear, it exposes the
despicable control of the victim by abusing, or threatening to abuse her own


It is abhorrent, cruel draconian behaviour which is still controlling huge
amounts of people in every neighbourhood and community.

It is time to stop it and we intend to do this for our community by exposing it to

all once and for all.

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The Freedom Programme

Brand new online course open to ladies online! We will be starting a 13 week course of the Freedom Programme online and we will run courses in person once restrictions are eased.


Ladies Financial Empowerment

This programme teaches you all you need to know to get out of debt, run your finances well and how to avoid pitfalls along the way.

Sessions run via Zoom.

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Ladies Garden Group

Jubilee House is starting a new ladies group. We have a large, enclosed garden which the group wil redesign and make into a wonderful peaceful space for recovery and well-being.

If you would like to join this group or would like more information, please email us!