We are starting a fresh round of the 12 week course called the Freedom Programme.

This will start on Wednesday the 8th September at 9:30am here at Jubilee House. It is free to participants.

Freedom Programme is a domestic violence programme which examines the roles played by attitudes and beliefs on the actions of abusive men and the responses of victims and survivors. The aim is to help them to make sense of and understand what has happened to them, instead of the whole experience just feeling like a horrible mess. The Freedom Programme also describes in detail how children are affected by being exposed to this kind of abuse and very importantly how their lives are improved when the abuse is removed.

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Now that we are heading out of lockdown and the kids are back at school, we are staring work on all the plans we have been busy making for the past 18 months. Jubilee House is being built into a recovery hub for women recovering from the effects of abuse. Our emphasis is on recovery and empowering women to live enriched, fulfilled lives free of abuse. Our groups are informative and fun, where women can learn and discover that they are not alone in their experiences. The creative workshops will cover a huge range of activities starting with simple crafts.

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Although the new garden group is only a few weeks old, the change in the jubilee house garden is astonishing. The potatoes are thriving and so are we. This is such a peaceful happy place. A real oasis of calm and regeneration.

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