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Again! Thank you so much IKEA!

We are astounded by the generosity of our friends at Ikea. Today we went over to pick up some items that they have donated to the charity. We have two Kalax units and boxes for storing the things we use for our groups. We have four thick mats, 10 sheepskin mats, three cloud lights, an easel, pens, toys, chalk and paper for the kids yoga class, we have pots, tools and watering jugs for the garden group which will be staring up again soon, we have towels and blinds which we also requested. This is turning out to be a match made in heaven, and yes, Jubilee House does actually love Ikea and the lovely people who work there and help us. Special thanks to Chloe, Lynn and Jack from Ikea and to Gavin Newlands for setting up the whole thing. Thank you so much xx

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